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How To Take Care Of The Laptop.

How to take care of the laptop
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By worldexposing Editor’s

In this era of information technology, a laptop is up to you to tell how much you love it. Laptop’s popularity due to various advantages after computer invention Although the desktop is suitable for professional work, even though laptops are more favorable to mechanical people.Do not use the laptop to buy it. We need laptops for long service. So follow the tips below to increase your favorite laptop service.

1. To increase battery life, reduce the brightness of the skin.

2. Stop unnecessary programs to reduce the pressure on the processor.

3. Clean battery connector lines occasionally.

4. Minimize low windows.

5. Refrain from using a laptop in direct sunlight.

6. Laptop CD / DVD ROM has less power, so always play movies/music from the hard disk.

7. Keep the air vents open and keep the laptop in a place where there is an easy movement of air.

8. You can use hibernate or slip options instead of shutdown.

9. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections without need.

10. There should be no work at the time of the maintenance of the hard disk and the CPU.

11. Do not always charge the charger and keep it. Run laptop from battery 2 to 3 days a week.

12. Hard-Disk defragments two-three times a month.

13. Avoid malware-adware malicious software and use good quality antivirus.

14. Use screens and keyboard protectors to protect the keyboard and laptop display dust.

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